After My Death

Arjun Dahal

I have lived enough
of my life
crossing 25 years
and I don’t fear for death.

After my death
my body might be placed
in the Angan* of my house
with a little space available
and I can see
my parents weeping utterly
for my passing away,
my relatives and my sister weeping
some questioning how and why I died.

I don’t know
who would take care of my parents,
who would earn and support my family.
My parents are ill
I don’t know who would treat them,
who would clear the loan of my family,
and most of all,
who would love and support my family
when my parents would grow old.

Such questions
becomes efficient
after my death.
My friend as per their expectations
would call me intellectual
and when they would know about my academic failures,
then they would talk about me as a spoiled.

After my death,
I would then be talked
for few days by society,
for few years by my family,
then would become
a memory in them.

Words and Meanings:
Angan* is the small place infront of house.

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