BKN, Sara Eco-Learning & Nepalmamcha planted trees

On the occasion of World Environment Day 2021, Balkshetra Nepal (BKN), Sara Eco-Learning, and online media ‘Nepalnamcha’ jointly planted trees.

Trees have planted in the eco-village of BKN, Sankhu, ​Kathmandu, Nepal.

‘Everyone knows the relationship between oxygen, trees, and life. After the Corona epidemic, we need to be more aware’, Rajendra Kumar Basnet, president of the BK​​N said, ‘it’s really symbolic.’

‘Journalism should be used now to make the relationship between nature and man more vibrant,’ Ashok Silwal, editor of Nepalmamcha, said, ‘let’s keep nature healthy and keep ourselves healthy. That pure is the message of this plantation.’

‘I felt connected to nature when I planted the trees’, said Yeshu Basnet, a representative of Sara Eco Learning after planting.

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