Leo Messi the greatest of all time !

Leo Messi in the world cup!!

Sushant Pandit

A lil kid from Rosario. A wonder kid who was fervid for the ball, who wanted to move further with the exquisite grail to win the cup for Argentines got to have the immortal bequest in the football history. He made his debut for the world cup in the stage of Germans in 2006. The part of Messi that I have been through is since 2010 and when the Argentinians were coached by the legend Diego Maradona. Leo had already been conferred with the Ballon D or in 2009 since he established himself as the inevitable player to achieve treble for the Spanish club Barcelona.

In the stage of south Africa when the Wavin flags were mellifluous everywhere, Messi was centered by everyone as an Argentine star. He was less expressive though he looked like a placid hill through on there could be a boiling eruption. Not a general eruption, eruption with chock a block of many icons like Carlos Tevez Gonzalo Higuain Angel di Maria Javier Mascherano. Although he didn’t score in south Africa he had a great stage sharing there and his another step of ladder for establishing him as one of the best player got ended since Argentines got ruled out by the then Germans

In 2014, Messi was already considered the best of all time and also he got into Brazilian land with more experiences. This time, though the team entirely wasn’t so much cogent and valid, but Leo did.

In 2006 he was restricted to the game time due to less experience. In 2010 played a very minutes but struggled in disproportionate team but in 2014 he was up to his strength . He used to have the fruitful gameplay inside the box either for himself or for the strikers inside.

Looked a bit confined in the knockouts, just saddening the Argentines they hopefully and desirably didn’t stepped back. They needed extra time to wave off swiss and an early goal of Higuaín to see off Belgium afterwards. Then they got to have the game with Netherlands where they passed through the goalless minutes and the paragon was Sergio Romero who had two penalty saves for saving the team into finals. It was not a thing but Argentina got into finals and the greatest of all time Leo in impending mortality.

Disappointingly, the same Higuaín got his open chance miss and Götze scored in the death minutes for Germany. The time I see the GOAT being expressive with saddening emotions. The moment every Messi fan had the tears in their eyes. Higuaín was guilty for his mistake though but the most disappointing to see was Messi going through the moments of trepidations!

In 2018, got waved out by the France in quarter finals in the land of Russia.

Now in 2022 it’s a big moment for a Leo Fanbase.

It’s an emotion, a consequential and critical moment as an Argentine star declared this world cup as his last world cup !

Initially they were going bad and a kinda unstable to build up team but now they have got their good games. Let’s not loose the credence. We believe in our GOAT and that’s what he need from us. Let’s burn the host stage of Qatar . Vamossss??

Leo Messi, the paragon of football history.

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