Ashok Silwal
Cover photo by German Diaz

Perfect oxymoron?

Faith or-and reason,
Religion or-and science,
Poetry or-and mathematics,
Heart or-and brain….
Antagonistic or-and complementary?

Endless debate
In culture,
In philosophy,
In theology,
In choices,
In ways of life…..

Ever many questions,
Never irrevocable answers.

The facts of life
Erase your certainties
Or light up them.
Sometimes fireworks,
Sometimes road rollers.
Then you are back
On the starting line:
Irrationality of feelings,
Logic of reasoning;
Mystery of inspiration,
Light of concreteness..
Both right or-and wrong?

Sometimes you think
That “faith” goes faster and farther
But it is risky and fragile.
2+2 can make 5……

Sometimes you think
That “reason” goes slower and more heavily
But it is safer, firmer, clearer.
Sometimes the balance leans one way
Sometimes the other…

Because then actually,
They are more complementary
Than opposite:
Doubt and hope
Help us reflect , meditating and grow.


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