Curiosity: The Spice Of Life

Ashok Silwal

When I was a child
My father said:
“Open your eyes, your nose, your ears!
Open your mind and your heart!
Look up, down, to the side..
Animals, things, plants, people..
Curiosity will teach you.”

When I was at school,
My teachers said:
“Ask yourself why…
Why is it hot, why cold?
Why white, black, red or green….
Looking for answers train your brain and your heart.”

When I got older at University and after,
I thanked that they had instilled
This positive attitude in me.
Because, yes, curiosity a gift from nature,
A kind of instinct,
But also a mental training,
A kind of gymnastics of the mind and of the heart.

Curiosity makes the life sparkly:
It is the fuel of knowledge.
It brings you in the past and in the future.
It implies interest in the world.
It keeps the intelligence active and alive.
It opens up to unusual experiences.
It gives you mental elasticity in accepting news.
It makes you more generous and tolerant
In meeting other cultures, religions, ways of life.
It allows you to broaden your knowledge and generosity
And to deepen what you already know.

My father and my teachers said:
“If you know how to be curious,
You will never be bored,
Because curiosity is challenge and risk,
But above all enthusiasm and passion.”

It leads to inspiration and creativity.
It produces ideas and ways of solving problems.
Curiosity stimulates the imagination.
It offers a kind of freedom
In exploration and discovery.

It is the spice of life,
The condition of knowledge,
The beginning of wisdom….

Curiosity is optimism.
And when it withers,
When the desire to know goes out,
You begin to die in the monotony,
In the sorrowful uniformity,
In the leaden loneliness…..


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