Debate: Degree or Skills?

Aashish Kumar Jha
ED, Kitwosd IT Support Center

Today I would like to share my personal opinion regarding the current educational scenario of our country. I have seen people are struggling, doing lots of hard work just to get the graduation certificate. But what happens after that, does that certificate really help you to make your future bright?

In my own company when I call for an interview I have observed that there are too many graduated engineers who have a very good percentage of score in their certificate but not able to fulfill the company needs, at the same time there are some people who have all the skills that the company demanded but don’t have the graduation. Now you tell me by yourself who will get hired?

The things that I want to say is that the skills are important, if the four years of your bachelor not able to make you compatible with the market then what is the use of those certificates. Let’s clarify it with the example, there is one engineer who has given his four years and when he went to the working environment he was not able to perform as per the demand. At the same time, there is one person who was taking short courses as per the demand of the market or in which he was interested. Now you can see who will be valuable and demanded.

I think now there is a time to change. We almost all have heard that time is money, so now it’s time to implement it. Rather than giving your years of study in a subject of your non-interest, let’s focus on the subject of interest and get training and proper knowledge of it. There are a lot of institutes and tools like youtube, un-academy, and other sites from which you can able to learn whatever you want.

In a current scenario, the certificate is only necessary for you to fight for the public service commission exam, and to show other people that you have the certificate. By saying this my only thought is to make people clear about the importance of skills, our current educational system is fully based on theoretical which hampers our manpower. That’s why today we have a lot of graduates but very few of them are useful.

In a conclude, the only things that matter the most are the skills inside you, give your time on skill development so that you can be able to adjust to the market.

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