Wonderful Day

Age 9 , Class 4, Shankari school, Chhauni, Kathmandu

Once upon a time there was a girl named Nikki. One day, early in the morning she was just sitting behind the window. She look out of the window there were birds singing, no clouds in the sky, the day was very wonderful. There was a park behind her house. The park was very dirty from many months ago. She look at the park and she say ‘Oh! this park is too dirty. I will clean the park with my friends.’

After eating the breakfast she call her friends Ruben, Liju, Sasna and Aayan. They all came to the park and start cleaning the park. They pick up the grasses, plant trees, water plants, and put all the dust in dustbin. Working hard the whole day, Park became very nice. They were very happy and they go to their own home. Nikki and her friend’s parents were very proud of them.

All the nearby neighbours care the park then after, and it’s became very beautiful.

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