You are my soul!

Sarita Sharma Shailee

I am never alone and lonely!
As you are always with me !!
And I am always with you !!!

You are in my mind,
I am thinking of you!
You are in my voice,
I can listen to you!
You are in my eyes,
I can observe with you!
You are ever around me,
I can feel you!
You are in my heart,
I am in love with you!
You are in the air,
I am breathing you!

Wherever I go, you are walking with me!
Whatever I do, your guidance is with me!!
Whenever I need you, you are there for me!!!

I never feel that I am alone!
There is no existence of me without you!!
Because you are my soul!
Yes, You are my soul!!
So, I am nothing without you!
I am nothing without you!!!

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