Life’s Adventures


Kuma Raj Subedi
A Poet of Nepali origin, Mr. Subedi, is an ESL lecturer at TafeSA, South Australia.

A heavy heart in adulthood
Like a garden in the midst of a hurricane
Shattered are the vibes
As dripping honey from broken hives.

Be it a whirlwind or tornado
But a nothing much ado
It always survives
And blooms again with new hopes.

Leaves, petals, twigs, or buds
Crushed to utter neglect dudes
On the floors of fast-paced life
The journey resumes but with a fife.

New sunshine after the blizzard
None should ignore possible hazard
Melt away weariness and desperation
With a vigorous aspiration.

Down the path fallen leaves washed away
Visible far a new way
Each stride made leaves
Fresh prints on the life ahead.

Remorse, not the days have gone by
As each step forward diminishes sigh
Ups and downs- part of each trip
Meaningful thus, unfasten the grip.

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