Dahlia TERA

Friends are like trees .
The trunks are solid :
Rooted in the soil and in the heart.
They are kneaded with respect,
Understanding and confidence ,
Listening , talking and sharing.
It is empathy ….

Their foliages are dense or light , joyful,
Growing in the experiences of the life .
Leaves chance colours,
They dance and play in the wind
Of events and feelings:
In the rain falling from the clouds
In the sun shining in the sky .

The branches, in all directions ,
Suggest creativity,
As true friendship meaning
Discoveries, optimism, togetherness
In mutual help and energy.

Trees are generous:
In the branches and in the leaves
Birds, bees, squirrels and more are living.
Laughter and tears … life !

As in the heart, colourful enthusiasm
Giving you strength and enriching each other,
Because with friends … things are easier.

Trees protect you In their shadow,
Making the rest more serene.

I would like to go and stay
In a forest of friends -trees
And walk for very very long time …


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