Nursing is simply wonderful

Bhumi Shrestha

What is Nursing?

For me, Nursing is a passion,
For me, Nursing is a challenge,
If it doesn’t challenge you, It doesn’t change you.

For me, Nursing is a responsibility,
For me, Nursing is little authority,
If you step into people’s lives,
It will make a difference

For me, Nursing is love, courage, and endurance,
For me, Nursing in a devastating failure,
If you see people at their best, they will bless you.
If you see people at their worst, they will curse you.

For me, Nursing makes the doctor look so grand,
For me, Nursing is hardly seen from where they stand,
Even if you do not see or care, Nursing is always there to cure.

For me, Nursing is standing between life and death,
For me, Nursing brings back life with just a breath,
If you are in fevered brow and pain, magic touch with ease you with the willing feet.

For me, Nursing is to go beyond the call of duty,
For me, Nursing is first to work and the last to leave,
If the unique soul pass through your life for a while, it will impact you for an eternity

For me, Nursing is seeking power, For me, Nursing is always having hopes and dreams,
If you enjoy it, you will never be bored and know what it is to be a human.

Nursing is simply wonderful!!!

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