My Wish For Your True Love

Baikuntha Pokharel
Godawari, Lalitpur

Before I take my last breath
Before my pain gets even deeper
I want your wishes to come true
I just want you to be together

Listen! Before any diseases attack me
Before I get a stroke or get paralyzed
I want both of you to exchange the rings
I desire you to tread on the path of good vibes.

Yes! In this dusk before the sunset,
Before my whole body becomes frail
I wish for flourishment of your life
I want to write your ups and downs, not derail

Yes! Before I leave this world,
Before the death gives me a call,
I want to make you
And your love … eternal.

But Listen!

Not following the tragic love trend
Like that of Muna-Madan,
Heer-Ranja or Romeo-Juliet,
I want an eternal heart-warming epic
To create that illustrates your love!

Yes! I worship love.
Filled with love like yours,
I want an eternal epic to create!

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