Your little princess has now become a women

Dad; an entity

Abhaya Chakradhar
Swarnim School, Dallu Aawas

Sometimes, I get a little scared dad
As I’m not your little girl anymore
You were always there for me dad
Fulfilling all my dreams, wishes and more

You’ve always put a shield on me
But now I’m not anymore at your lap
Your little princess has now become a women
And I’m scared,
Will I be able to fulfill your wish as you did of mine?

I’m scared of how I will be handling this pressure
This pressure that the world will be giving to me
I don’t think I can compete here outside
The competition gets intense at every second of life

You had always been my credit card
In which I do not have to pay the debt
But will I be able to make you happy?
I’m scared dad but,
I will try my best.

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