Dahlia Tera

Today, happiness sounds synonymous
With good health …
All what you see, what you heard, what you live,
Cannot make it different.
Happiness is Corona dying,
Happiness is Corona disappearing,

But happiness is not just linked
With or without that dreadful virus …
Perhaps Corona made us forget
That happiness is a state of mind,
A mood, a feeling, a vibration,
In the body, in the heart and in the soul.
A slightly inflated word
But always a deep feeling
And a nice drawing on your lips and in your eyes.
Joy and fullness, waiting and dreams.

Happiness is in your body making love
With passion and ease, without taboos;
Holding your baby’s hand in yours
To accompany or help him;
Smelling the scent of a flower
Just blossomed on your roof terrace;
Enduring fatigue in the leg muscles
In a long hiking in mountain;
Feeling fresh, clean and dynamic,
Ready to leave home to work with pleasure;
Savoring a plate of homemade Dal Bhat
Drinking a cup of tea,
When you are particularly hungry or thirsty.

Body happiness is a caress, strong or soft,
That makes your skin tremble,
That excites you in your flesh,
That makes you more beautiful and radiant.

And physically means mentally:
Then happiness becomes a mood, a feeling,
That makes you see everything positive.
You turn into a free and light butterfly,
You fly in the sky like
The blown balloon that the little boy has just left.
Everything gets easy,
Every problem is solved,
All colors shine brilliant.

In your heart, happiness is
Creativity, optimism, desire to do and to invent;
It is thrill, enthusiasm, positivity, luck too.
It is smiling to the sky.
No one can stop you..
You run, run… tireless with inner strength.
And you know that inside this happiness
There is something, someone
That you don’t want to lose, that has to stay there,
In a mysterious silence.

Then happiness does not end there;
It flows in your soul, in this deep sense of fulfillness
Even if never completely satisfied.
You pray, you think, you meditate ..
Because it is also waiting, regrets and remorse,
Hopes and dreams..
There are tears sometimes in happiness…

In your eager soul
It needs whichever in your body and your heart.
Because YOUR happiness is finding
Light and energy, joy and peace,
In the happiness of THE OTHER.

Extraordinary emotion
In body, heart, mind and soul.
Be happy because you make me happy…


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