‘I am kissing your all fingers’, he said, ‘millions kisses.’

Dahlia Tera

We call them:
Index, middle, ring,
Little or ‘pinky’, thumb.
How useful and precious these five small tools are …
A bit longer, a bit shorter,
More tapered or more squat,
Nimble or lazy, articulated and opposable.
They take, they search, they discover,
They caress, they taste,
They play music,
They write poetry and calculations,
They experience , they feel, they talk..
They sew and embroider,
In the reality and in the fantasy,
They shape the clay and bandage the wounds.

‘I am kissing your all fingers’, he said-
‘Millions kisses’…
Yes, those fingers wrote him millions of words
Like colored flowers and butterflies,
Little things, great sharing,
Pieces of life in smiles and tears,
Feelings, reflections, ideas, facts, hopes and dreams.

On the keyboard, on the screen,
Be them a laptop or a smartphone,
They run very fast our friends fingers,
Sending love and fears,
Good and bad surprises and news
That will make us laugh, smile, cry, think….
That will open and close windows and doors
Letting us see the sun or the clouds..

We often forget them,
Thinking about the whole hand
They are antennae of our heart,
The extension of our soul;
They tell, they sing, they paint,
They dance with quick easy grace.

‘You love my fingers ‘ – you said –
I love yours and kiss them
All together and one at a time
Mysteriously sources of happiness…

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