By Surasma Lamichhane

The recent global pandemic of coronavirus disease has been increasing day by day alarmingly. At the moment, Covid-19 has spread all over Nepal. There has been a rapid increase in the number of cases, deaths, which is very scary for a low-income country like ours.

At present, public parks, movie theatres, schools, colleges, and restaurants are closed. Public meetings and gatherings are also banned. ‘Work from home’ has also come into the spotlight.

Covid-19 has brought various negative impacts on the Nepalese economy. Some people have lost their jobs, some people have not been getting paid enough, and the economic state of the nation has gone downhill. Many people that work in the streets to generate income are in a bad condition. Particularly the poor vulnerable members of the society, living in poverty are negatively influenced.

The government should take precautions toward street workers, people living in poverty, and the overall economy of the country. Providing various types of care packages to poor people can be a good idea. The government should be more serious and should take a deeper look at this situation before it gets worse.

Humanity is the most important thing in our lives. We should take care of our physical as well as mental health. We should follow the protective and preventive measures gracefully in order to keep ourselves as well as others safe. Together we can win this battle if we keep fighting.

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