Is our politics polluted?

Paras Ghimire

Politics is derivated from the Greek word, Politika means affairs  of cities (is set of activities that are associated  with making a decision in a group or other form of power relations between individual, such as distribution  of resources or status!)   We can say politics is the activities associated with the governance of the nation or certain area. 

Our general understanding of politics is the activities of a political party and its leadership. We have a very long tradition of having political leaders very loyal to all commoners unless they reach power, but once they reach their destination, or let’s say to the power, all the local political leaders will be converted to demagogues! They start to forget all promises which they have made with the people and they started to run by their limited people who are in their internal coterie! That coterie never sees out of their periphery and all the decisions they made will be in their favor!

We, common people, are just witnessing this and functioning as their voting machine to approve their continuity, no more than that! 

Our country has come through different political changes. Rana oligarchy, one party Panchayati system, multiparty democracy with the monarchy, and now we have federal republic democratic system. Obviously, it has been a drastic change from Rana oligarchy to federal republic democracy, we eliminated the 240 years of monarchy traditions. We have got a different constitution and each new constitution we got was claimed to be more progressive. The present constitution we have written through the constitutional assembly, for which we had to wait 60 years, right after the elimination of the Rana oligarchy. There was a demand for the constitution assembly but that could not be materialized, and we had to wait to pass through different political changes. Obviously, the present constitution is inclusive, has guaranteed people’s fundamental rights, and tried to stop the trickle-down approach of the decision-making process, all provincial and local governments have their own decision-making power but nothing drastic change has been realized!

We have changed everything except the mindsets of our politicians! In the life of the nation 60,70 years is a very short span of time, the change in the political system, we have got in this time is really huge but we general people could not realize the extent of change how much we should realize! It is because the mindsets of our politicians are still oligarchy, they are surrounded by their penchants. They damn care about their political ethics and morality! This has been hugely expensive for the country and general people. Now our country is in the tsunami of pandemic! Hundreds of people are dying every day. All health facilities are overwhelmed. The crisis is deepening more day by day but what the hell!! our political party is playing the game of the musical chair for the chair and the power! How ridiculous is this, what irresponsible could be happened more than this? it is not another reason, our politics is really polluted !!

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