Interior Design: Business Of Vision & Ideas

Pratikshya Sedhain

Interior Design is always a hot topic to discuss these days. People have finally started to be curious about the core importance of interior designing in day-to-day needs. Interior designing has started to evolve from its stereotype and giving people a new beginning to commence life.

Previously, people often underestimated interior design and misunderstood it with decorating homes. People are becoming more centered on the actual significance of interior design and how it makes a difference in living. This change of thought has made the job easier for Interior Designers like us.

Interior Design is still a challenge to accomplish for most of us, the designers. It has become a task for us to make our very own clients understand, how designs works and how it is functional. It is difficult for our clients to understand the drawings in their raw form. That usually causes conflicts between the designers and the clients. As designers, we are always responsible for making the designs more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Along with that, it is our job to make cordial communication with the workers and clients. The process of construction is another phase for the designers. The designers are responsible to prepare the workers for the job as per design.

The designer doesn’t only make technical drawings but is also responsible for ensuring the construction is as per the design. Only this quality in any designer makes him/her a successful designer, which is not always easy to accomplish. Overcoming problems and making the construction smooth is a quality of a good designer. A good designer always solves any issues that arise during the construction phase as s/he knows how the design elements are made. Any designer must know about each element that is assembled to make the components of the design. These qualities make any interior designer a qualified one.

Designing any space comes with challenges for any designer. There are many challenges that a designer face during the process of designing, most faced challenges are :

Time management and working within a fast turnaround
Every project comes with a deadline, and that gives the designer pressure to work within a tight turnaround. Whatever the timeline is, this kind of working schedule tests the designers’ time management skills every time.

Finding the right style for the project
Any project can have either a contemporary or modern design. The designers always find the right style to match the vibe of the space they are working on.

Selling the ideas
Interior design is the business of vision and ideas. It is a very intricate job to sell something that is not physically available. So, additional effort is required to make the client understand the vision.

Matching clients’ expectation
When it comes to designing any space, it is significant to match up the clients’ expectations alongside the budget and timeline of the construction.

Clients’ experience and Brand identity
Clients’ experience and brand identity is the key to step up the confidence and workability of any designer. The conceptualization of spaces according to brand identity is a must.

Interior design is a complex industry to compete in this 21st century. As we can say, each designer has a unique way to define any space. No two designers think the same about any space. It is always a challenge to design any space whether it is a simple bedroom or a whole multiplex.

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