Kathmandu Lockdown
Ashok Silwal

‘Hello! What are you doing?’
She asked in the waving little dots
On messenger.

‘Home, home, home… ‘
He replied
In the backing waving little dots!

Lockdown time, no choice!

It sounded in repetitiveness,
In monotonous, tedious, boring,
Hours that pass slowly….

What he had always tried to avoid…
Because it kills enthusiasm and creativity,
It makes you lazy and dumb …
It erases colours, musical notes, dance steps.

He neglects himself,
He has no more timetables..

But, he knows he is wrong:
Life is full of little things
Making big days!

The virus forced him to repetitiveness…?
Then he will fill it with
Joy, smiling mood, surprises…
Unusual things to make wonder;
He will listen to the unpredictability:

An old song on the radio by chance,
A ray of sunshine entering through the window,
The sound of a saucepan coming from the kitchen,
The socket swinging against the wall,
The disorder looming over the unmade bed,
The girl asking for help with homework,
The fly that peaks on his hand,
The little baby ‘lost’ in his world
With his plastic games and his happy cries,
The television in the background
That no one is watching,
The scent of curry rising from the street,
Clean socks on his feet,
The teddy bear sitting in the corner
Next to the pink curtains,
Endless voices and laughs near and far,
From the terraces of the neighborhood,
Words in the screen…
Life is there …

When a cup of tea becomes
Even without wanting to
The magic fantasy potion of Harry Potter..

And he is confident…
Sooner or later
Corona will disappear …

Things will be the same but different
Because of his eyes on them;
When a simple flower becomes a bouquet
As little things make big days….

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