Recalling the 30th International Bird Race Competition (Malaysia) During Lockdown

Jaya Bhandari

The second phase lockdown for variant Covid-19 made me recall the international birds’ event, which was the 30th International bird race competition had organized from 24 Feb to 26 Feb 2017 in Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia. At that event, Vimal Thapa, Lalit Lalchan, and I were the first time participated in that bird race competition on behalf of Himalayan Monal, Bird Conservation Nepal. Other participants in the previous event had taken part only in the workshop and fair, but not directly in the Bird Race Competition. We three flew on by Himalayan Airlines’ best service provided to us.

On the 23rd of Feb. in 2017, we flew to Kualampur, Malaysia. As we reach Malaysian Airport, we could see most of the passengers from Nepal. One of the red T-short ones whisked to me, ‘Are you coming back after staying at home on a long holiday?’

I surprised that how many Nepalese have been working in foreign countries till when?  But we were not there for work. We were there for an international bird race and fair. Most people use to think that every   Nepali travels there simply for work.

We three slipped away from the counter after checking our visa. As we were on the way that boy came to my mind.  He was in a long queue behind. But he was coming into the mind that used to make me laugh or sometimes thoughtful. I share with Vimal and Lalit.

I told: that boy was thinking as we were well-known workers there for a long time. He was asking how long we were on vacation at home. Why he was thinking like that? People use to think that who goes to Malaysia only for work.

We reached KL and search for a homestay which Lalit had booked for a night. We found the homestay unique in the center of KL town.  We wandered around the city where the points of pride of Malaysia are erecting twin towers by lifting the strength of Malaysian people as our Dharahara does, Our Dharahara was ruined even sometimes by earthquakes though.

The next morning we left over to Airport after getting all participants together headed to Fraser’s hill. The road was crossing along many loops and winding, mesmerizing sceneries with a breeze. Later on, the bunch of big swale of cloud covered the top of Fraser’s hill in a welcome manner.

Fraser’s hill is so incredible with enrich of natural beauty. We were excited about the events which were going to begin on 24 Feb. we arranged all the necessary things and prepared for the bird race tomorrow.

The event started with some rules and ethics but it was like wondering because if any participant has any means of the vehicle could use, who would not have they have to cover all selected sites for the race. Unfortunately, we did have anything except our feet.  Other used their car bike and cycles. The reader can justify that’s was fair enough or not. We had a very interesting birding race in different experiences with international participants. The opening and closing ceremonies were very impressive because there were many topics of impressive programs which would have experienced the natural cultural and historical aspect of birding as well as social aspects.

Another hand we were there on behalf of Bird Conservation Nepal, BCN had an own stall on Faire and festival for familiarization of birds product from Nepal. We involve in the fair as well.  At the end of the program, Vimal Thapa had addressed the closing with some thought on behalf of participants from Nepal.

We carried some memories of that historical event as a gift of experiences of the International Bird Fair and competition when we returned to our homeland.

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