Dahlia Tera

Everyone owns a small hut
In the heart
Where to take a silent refuge,
When wanting to be even happier…

When outside the rain falls hard and thick,
When the wind curves the foliage to the treetops,
When the clouds darken the landscapes
And the coldness stiffens you..

Then the time has come
To open the door of your small hut inside;
Here you will find
The soft and warm blanket in which to roll up,
Your favorite cake that a fairy left on the table,
The box containing the yellowed photos of your childhood
That you will watch tenderly smiling and remembering,
Your dream diary with golden color cover,
The harmonious music of the notes and words
You like to hear for hours.
Sweet and evocative,
The memories, only the beautiful ones..
Because the hut is small
And there is no place for ugly ones.

They will come to meet you,
Silent and friendly presences
Who will know how to listen and talk to you.
Your eyes will fill up
With mountain paths and sea waves,
Snow and sand…

You will find the caresses of those who love you,
The immediate understanding gaze you seek.

Then you will feel inspired,
In your small hidden hut inside,
In the silence of plenitude,
Because you built the little hut..
So you will find the things, whiles and feelings
You brought inside
The ones you want to protect
And are only yours
For even happier sparks…

You will bring new ones too
To be keep secretly as little treasures.

You will know that in this small hut
You will find strength and tenderness,
Confidence and courage
To open the door and run outside.

And when outside the rain will fall hard,
When the wind will curve the treetops,
When the coldness will stiffen you,
Then it will be the right time
To take refuge in your little hut
Inside your heart,

Smiling to the life,
Your life, in joy and pain,
Like all of us.

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