Musical Meditation

Ashok Silwal
as a dancer.

I’m not an avid dancer,
Nor am I a skilled dancer,
I love to dance, I love dancing.
I don’t need special clothes,
The edge of a road is enough for me,
With friends.

‘Dancing is the hidden language
Of the soul of the body.’
Yes, it is.

Once I was content to look:
I admired the sinuosity of the movements,
I envied the fluency of some friends,
I felt embarrassed,
I feared the gaze of others;
I was still pleasantly fascinated to watch:
The bodies swaying, the faces smiling,
The songs that I knew
And I hummed silently.

Then the legs began to move
A bit clumsy at first.
They followed the notes of the song
Without my noticing.
And I felt involved.
A moving the legs and the feet
Back and forth,
That made me light-hearted and cheerful.
Then without wanting to,
The hands and the arms began to speak,
Opening top, turning the wrists,
Waving, inviting, asking for a smile,
Responding to the gestures of the others.
The dancing becomes a joy together
Because no one is obliged.
Everyone feels there is something special
Outside and inside,
Male and female it doesn’t matter.

Feeling here and somewhere else,
In smiles and laughs.
Worries fly away,
Time no longer exists,
Just the enjoyment of friendship,
The delectation of the songs,
That rhythms the movements, the senses, the emotions.
And some musical meditation,
Collective and individual,
In a privileged moment
That maKes you feel fulfilled, happy..
Because dance goes behind movement
And you wish it didn’t end never..
Because it is a kind of dream
Bringing you in another world,
Swimming like a fish in the ocean,
Flying like a bird in the sky,
Blooming like a flower in a field….

‘Dancing is the hidden language
Of the soul of the body.’

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