Good morning new day!
Welcome in my life!
It’s time to get up!
The blank page is waiting be filled…

Everyday, more or less, mechanical gesturers.
Sometimes jumping out of bed,
Sometimes lazying little more on the pillow,
Always ending in:
Going to the bathroom,
Washing up and refreshing,
Shaving, fixing your hair,
Getting dressed…
Fast,fast… in a hurry.

Mechanically reaching for your smartphone
For a quick look at messages:
Relatives, friends, working relationships,
Some requests… you will see later…,
FB page can wait too.
Now it is about getting on your motorbike ,
Accompanying your little one at school.

Then backed home
Taking a look at the Internet and mails,
Your Nepalnamcha readers, FB…
Poking around her and there;
And it is there that we return
To our initial snooping here and there

You are invited and solicited
By thinkers, poets, scientists,
And people like you
To enjoy your life , the present moment
And the “little things”…
They explain you in images and words
-Happiness is in the little things
-Sometimes, little things make a big difference
-Happiness is an inside job.
-One day at a time
-Curiosity is the engine of achievement
-Curiosity is the park behind the spark of every idea
-Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence
-Wonder is the beginning od wisdom…..
And so on…….
Then, strengthened and encouraged by these invitations,
You try to contain in a word: WONDER!
You would like to go back to being a child and smile at:
-The drop of rain that falls form the sky and wets your lips,
-The sunlight coming in from the window forming strange shadows,
-The unusual noise you heard coming from the street,
-The fly that has just landed on a leftover of food in the kitchen,
-The pigeon that coos calling its girlfriend early in the morning,
-This new ailment you feel in your shoulder … “youth”?
-The missing shoe that you are not finding..
And so on…
And you haven’t left the house yet!

Who knows how many of these “wonderings”await you today?
You will have to open your eyes wide
Like the child, discovering with its “whys”,
With curiosity and enthusiasm,
Spontaneously, without control.
Never stopping laughing, playing, dreaming,
Believing in fairy tales!
Because YES….

So always stop and wonder, wonder and stop
At the tiny “things” potentially immense
Along your way….
Have a marvelous journey of discovery!

If you want to publish anything, we nepalnamcha welcome you with a smile. Just remember nepalnamcha@gmail.com for it.

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