I Challenged Myself

Jenisha Pahadi
Class -9, Sunkoshi Secondary School
Phikkal-4, Sindhuli

In the past, when I was eleven years old I was in grade seven. Every friday there used to be ECA’S in my school. That friday, our school had conducted speech competition programme. Our teacher told us all the rules and topic of the speech in the assembly. When I listened that I hadn’t willingness to participate. Almost all of my close friends had participated in speech competition. I thought that participation may be good for gaining exprience. So, I also decided to participate in the speech competition. We all were well prepared for the upcoming program.

That day was very sunny and happy day. Every friday I used to be very excited. It used to be my curious moment thinking that when friday comes and what activity would be conducted. I used to wait eagerly for the next opportunity to show my talent. Our speech competition began. At that time I felt very scared, since it was my first speech. I had never participated in speech before that. I was satisfied by getting lottery on number ‘D’. When my turn came, I forgot what had to be delivered. I became nervous. I had forgotten my all speech preparation because of my nervousness. I couldnt deliver the speech properly as I have planned earlier at my house. I felt uneasy for the reason that, I had well prepared but I forgot. I couldn’t gain any position but I became satisfied because it was my first effort.

I challenged myself that, I should build my confidence high and avoid my fear. To increase my confidence and power, I started to watch different types of videos which helped me a lot to improve myself. I began to conduct assembly and developed the feelings of leadership too.

Two new teachers came in our school. They decided all students had to deliver speech in assembly regularly and compulsorily. That rule helped me improve myself to increase my confidence power. As a result, nowadays, my confidence power is high and better than before.

I am very happy because I am building up my confidence better everyday. I want to thank heartily for those new teachers who have been helping me a lot. If we want to do something and wish to achieve that, rigorous practice is most needed. I felt that willpower of the doer and scaffolding of the teachers are very important to grow students’ ability.

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