Before Our Rosy Cheeks Fade !

Laxmi Pun

As many springs
Pass away
I sit near
My midway window.
Gazing at the path
I have walked
Miles and miles
To reach here.
My anxious heart
I wonder
We have done
Utmost till the date.
My arduous journey
Which began
When our skin
Was smoothe and shiny.
Did we get
What others got
Who were nowhere
In the battle scene.
As colder nights
Approach me
And I sit
Watching television.
I see
Unknown people
Smartly attired
Taking oath.
Not the comrades
Of the martyr family
Of the Disappeared
Or the Wounded.
We wait
And we wait
But we stand last
In the prolonged queue.
I can distinctly see
The crowfeets
Around my eyes
And the wrinkles now.
Let us also taste little
The fruit of
Our sacrifice
As we stand faraway.
Let us contribute
Something more, our lord !
With our true heart
For the down trodden.
Before the bones
Turn weaker
Eyesight hazy and
Before our rosy cheeks fade !

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