It is not the traditional black and white
Soccer ball rolling on the field,
It is not the orange one
Jumping up into the basket

It is just a strange colored ball,
Covered with short suckers
Like little mushrooms or thin trumpets!
White ball with red suckers
Or the other way around,
Violet ball with blue suckers
Pink, orange and often green,
The color of vomiting
In your smiley faces on smartphone.
Angry look with smirking eyes.

Someone calls her as a female, SHE
Someone calls him as a male, HE
Someone just as an horrible monster ,
A repellent nightmare…
With its aggressive open mouth
Ready to eat you..

Somewhere he is a prince, even a king,
Because its name means ‘crown’ there.
From one year, filling all news programs,
All families’ and friends’ talkings
In the whole world.

You cannot see IT/HIM/HER with naked eye;
Just microscopes gave it a shape!
The colored ball with suckers!!
Did you guess who is it?
Worse than many unattractive little animals
Like spiders or leeches…

YES!.. You did: IT/ HE/ SHE is Corona, Covid-19,

That microscopic virus
Which shocked the world ,
From East to Western, from North to South,
Which turned everything upside down,
Which took so many people away.

And beyond the ironic apparel,
The HOPE for an efficient vaccine
Making us relive “normally”
With joy and humility.

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