Let’s go back to how to deal with those moments


Dahlia Tera

When life with its procession
Of ups and downs,
Of smiles and tears,
Of enthusiasms and disappointments,
Knocks on your door
In a particularly involved period,
In a sort of hard challenge,
Presenting you with difficult choices,
Many will tell you
That you don’t make your life better
By overthinking.

Certainly, the advice of those who love you,
Certainly, the encouragement of more experienced people,
Certainly, your personal and intimate meditation
Will help you … and slowly and quietly,
You feel and understand
You should learn to take things
Lightly and with good mood.
The answers would come easily.
But how to distinguish
How not to fall for easy solutions?

SUPERFICIALITY, as its name indicates,
Remains on the surface.
It is the state of what is futile, frivolous,
Without depth;
Superficiality is deceiving.
He who limits himself to appearance
Is superficial.
Superficiality evokes a negative,
Often selfish and uncaring attitude.
It often leaves to error, it’s imprudent,
With hasty judgements and conclusions.
To stop being superficial,
You need to stop appearing,
You have to speak sincerely.

Then you understand why superficiality
Is absolutely not to be confused
LIGHT is the air, the steam, the feather,
The silk fabric that flutters,
Lightness is that of the butterfly,
Of the dancer, moving delicately, with ease;
It is the light touch of the painter,
It is the light hand of the musician…
Lightness gives an impression of
Happiness, serenity, joy.
Lightness gives you the desire to fly
Like the inflated balloon
That the child lets go off into the sky;
Lightness is grace, charm, pleasure.

Then let’s return to life,
To its difficult choices, to its hard periods,
Let’s go back to how to deal with those moments,
When you ask for effort from your whole person,
To find balanced answers,
Harmonious and common sense.

And then, let’s reject deceptive superficiality
Instead let’s cultivate the inspiring lightness
Which will help us more than overthinking
To find the ways we are looking for.

We must try to:
(Italo Calvino 1923-1985 Great Italian intellectual and writer)

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