Dahlia TERA

My early morning meditating is often based on a reflection
That compares a thing, an idea or a feeling and its opposite:
Anger and forgiveness,
Indifference and care,
Strength and weakness…
I silently weigh
The aspects of one and the other,
I silently try to answer the questions I ask myself,
I travel in my experience, in my memories, in my dreams, in my trips….
Sometimes, when the sun starts to lighten the sky,
When it’s time to get up,
I feel very confused ….
Without having found a precise direction;
Yes or no, black or white, pro or con.
Recently, I had concentrated on “words or/and silence”
Rethinking the proverbial expression:
Here’s what came out……

Sometimes, refraining from speaking
Is worth more than intervening.
More than once, certainly,
In family, social, political or work contexts
We misunderstood or poorly understood
And thought: if I was quiet….
Or instead of being quiet , we thought :
If I could explain myself better…..
Sometimes, we are silent
For fear, out of shyness, out of weakness,
Other times, instead the opposite,
For courage, for boldness, for strength,
Due to stubbornness, due to lack of humility.
Silence certainly speaks
But sometimes it expresses itself in a confused way.
It creates disarrangement, darkness, doubts;
It builds unbeatable walls that separate.
Then silence becomes noise, chaos .. it is not more “golden”.
Silence is demanding: It requires patience, perfect and deep harmony,
Then…… yes… it’s golden.
It’s a pause, it’s reflection, it doesn’t need explanation.

While sometimes, the words splash in all directions, from one side to the other.
And as the silence is not just silence…..
Words are never just words…..
Sometimes they can be delicate feathers,
Other times they are heavy as boulders,
Sometimes they excite , console, caress, enrich,
Other times they offend, they condemn unjustly,
They make people suffer,
Because words can be caresses for the soul
Or punches in the stomach that hurt a lot.

Then, in my early meditating, I wonder:
Is the speech silver and the silence golden?
Or is the speech golden and the silence silver ?

I love the sound of words,
I love their poetry, their music,
I love looking for the right one
Which centers the way to express my feelings, my thoughts.
I also love listening to the silence,
I love immersing myself in the quiet of nature,
I love solitary peace that is sufficient in itself, this fullness
That only the silence can give…..

This ‘green gold’ which is obtained through
An alloy of gold and silver and which was used in Antiquity
Both for jewelry and for minting coins.
Sometimes, it is the circumstances ,the characters, the feelings, the people met,
United in rich and meaningful melodious music in unison…..
Because perhaps music is what best expresses
The inexpressible, better than silence, better than words….
In a magical understanding.

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