Dance of Death

Ushak Karki

In a deep slumber, her dreams did surrender,
Abruptly, her cot shook, while the windowpanes began to shatter,
The wall it leaned on, cracked and fractured,
She woke two kids from dreams unfettered.

The rooftop caved in, the thatched wall gave way,
She whisked her daughters and son, sans delay,
Out into the open, they safely reached,
Returning to the crumbling home, adoring mother she pursued.

With another jolt, the house crashed to the ground,
Her deep desire to rescue her mother was profound,
Beneath the rubble, suffocation gripped her breath,
She bade adieu to the mortal life, with dance of the death.

The matriarch’s cries echoed through the night,
In desperate pleas, she sought help with all her might,
Buried under the rubble, the woman lay,
As the darkness grew, struggled the woman to find a way.

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