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The kiss is one of the most expressive gestures of the human body.

Dahlia Tera

On TV and on the Social Media, a recent fact has stirred up the sporting world and beyond, following the stollen kiss on the mouth of the President of the Spanish Football Federation, Rubiales, to Jennifer Hermoso, a soccer player from the women’s team, during the celebrations for Spain, champion of the world.

The kiss went around the world, each giving their own judgement.

We do not want to enter into this controversy here but right to stop on some aspects of the kiss in various countries.

In fact, the doomed kiss on the mouth by the Spanish President is not a universal practice.

Not all world communities kiss in the same way and give kisses the same value. In Europe and in Western culture in general, in recent years, the theme of violence against women and male bullying is very much felt.

Let’s discover together some of these ways of kissing !… Depending on the culture, kissing can be something natural or instead an absolutely taboo act.

The ‘FRENCH KISS’ is the kiss on the mouth that everyone knows. It has spread a lot in Europe and America thanks, in particular, to the various films which feature it.

This love practice is very fashionable in 168 countries.

It is a sensual and erotic act that allows many things to be shared between partners: saliva contains informations on th health of the other but also on its genetic heritage.

The kiss is used in sexual relations and allows to translate a feeling of attraction and important attachment.

The ESKIMO KISS: as the Inuit are generally covered from head to toe due the extreme outside temperatures on the pack ice, it often only remains the tip of their nose sticking out.

So to kiss each other, instead of the traditional kiss on the mouth, they rub their noses against each other.

This form of kissing is found in Alaska, in Canada, in the North of Russia but also among the Maōris in New Zealand.

The kiss in AFRICA is not the same everywhere. For some, showing affection or respect to a person, goes through a kiss on the hand or on the forehead; for others like the Tonga of Mozambique, it is a bestial and disgusting act.

Finally, the people in Guinea do not know this form of demonstration at all.

When we say that we kiss in the RUSSIAN WAY, it is equivalent to a kiss on the mouth with a person of the same sex as oneself. Unlike kisses in love, this one has nothing sentimental but signifies a bond of brotherhood.

It is an act that is inscribed in customs in Russia but which is tending to disappear. The government thinks it is homosexually propaganda, when even Heads of States practiced it to symbolize peace. (Brezhnev’s kisses ‘traveled’ around the world, so as Khrushchev and the cosmonaut Gagarin)

In BALI, kissing is above all a matter of smell. To prove their love, couples stick their faces together to feel their warm and smell.
It’s a very special form of intimacy with strong olfactory characteristics.

However there is an exception: the day after the Hindu New year, a group of girls and boys meet in public and cone together to kiss but this time on the mouth.

Among the PAPUANS of New Guinea, the kiss is practiced in a totally unique and very surprising way! Indeed, the couples perform the ‘MITATAKU’ which consists of cutting the eyelashes of their partners with their teeth!

No kisses in INDIA or CHINA!

Great Bollywoodian movies present many dances to express the emotions of the characters but we note that the kissing scenes are far from being trivialized. It’s simply because in these countries, kissing is a taboo act. In India as in China it is forbidden to kiss publicly.

For the populations, it is something very shocking and vulgar.

Everyone will choose their kiss but I want to conclude this little roundup with a very special kiss: THE KISS ON THE FOREHEAD.

It is said that the kiss on the forehead is the quintessential symbol of protection, tenderness and affection.

It is a gesture that represents deep and superior love to the erotic one that is given on the lips.

But why?

When someone kisses your forehead, it is often said that he kisses your soul.

This idea, of Cartesian origin, is based on the fact that just behind the forehead in the central frontal area of your brain, there is a small gland called the pineal gland which would represent direct access to the soul of the person who receives the kiss.

Whether it expresses love, affection, tenderness, intimacy, appreciation, comfort, forgiveness, true, blessing, sympathy, understanding, compassion.

The kiss is one of the most expressive gestures of the human body.

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