In Love: The Art of Letting Go

Gaurav Ojha

For you and me, there was nothing left to cheer up for
After the midnight delights, we both realized that
For us, situations have become more important than life
Bubbles, flashes, skins, sounds, and screen effects
We were never enough for each other, as we are
We needed swimming pools to get wet, when there was rain outside
We were only warm for each other when it was cold
When it got to boiling, the glue that stitched us together evaporated
Exposed as we are before the sun, we had no reason to remain together
For another phase of the sun to shine
Our shadows became too small for the mask we had put on
There was something more to hide behind than to hold on
It’s not arrogant to say
We can both find faces and spaces left between us to explore.
How about recovering from a loss?
Nothing matters, even as I stand on
There is no need to join in after things fall apart.
But I will carry you in my heart even for the days I remain unaware.
Lovers can never really master the art of letting go
Because they have allowed love to scratch their eternal soul.

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