Poetry: Call you later


Dahlia Tera

I will call you later,
I will do it later,
I will explain you later,
I will change later,
I will meet you later,
I will think about it later,
I will go there later,
I will answer you later.

Is later time to reflect?
Is later wisdom?
Is later fear of deciding?
Is later laziness?
Is later replacing a thing with another?

Too often, we leave everything for later,
As if afterwards was the best….
But we don’t understand that:
Later, the tea cools down,
Later, the priorities change,
Later, the spell is lost,
Later, early turns into late,
Later, things are not longer those,
Later, the melancholy passes,
Later, the plane has already taken off,
Later, the ice has melted,
Later, the flower withers and loses its petals,
Later, smiles turns to tears and tears to smiles…….

Then, later becomes regret or even remorse.

So, as much as possible,
Let’s not wait later!
Because too often,
Later is too late.

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