Then the MINI becomes MAXI



Some call them the ‘salt of life’
Those grains of salt
That you add to dishes
To make them tastier …
Some call them the ‘sugar of life’
Those sugar grains
That make the cake sweeter, more appetizing …

I call them ‘mini-surprises’ in a day …
I need these little sparkles of an instant
Barely perceptible
Perhaps to make it less heavy,
The routine:
The repetitiveness that makes things boring
That puts you to sleep
Or turns you into a machine …

So you have to look for these mini-surprises;
They are ones which make you
Wonder, sing, walk, dance …
Appreciate life and smile at it.
They will open your eyes
To see the colors,
And your ears to hear the music.
Your heart to the generosity and compassion
Listening and talking …

They are …

A flower unexpectedly blooming in a vase on your roof terrace,

A song heard on the radio while shaving,

The sound of the bell from the nearby Temple,

The color of a saree when going down in the street,

The neighbor’s voice leaving the house in the morning,

A small fly walking on the window glass,

The cooing of the turtle dove calling its mate,

A kind ‘good morning’ message on your mobile phone,

A nice picture from the previous days that come back to you,

A phone call from a friend who is waiting for you for a coffee together,

The spontaneous grateful reaction of a guest during a Tour,

A ray of sunshine that illuminates a monument in a special way,

Two old men with their hats sitting on a step and talking in Patan,

A scooter that whizzes by as fast as a flash of freedom,

The colorful Tibetan little flags that make their mantras fly in the wind,

The bubbles of a cold beer on your tongue,

The smells of the family kitchen,

Sometimes just the subtle caress of the wind on your face,

Or the slightly drawn smile of an unknown person,

The sensation of the bare feet on the floor …

My innumerable ‘mini-surprises in a day’ …

And … what about the SMILE of your child
Waiting for you to leave for school or
When you pick him up to go home?

Then the ‘MINI’ becomes ‘MAXI’ !

And life is worth it
In its colors, in its sounds, in its flavors,
In its smells, in its emotions, in its passions,
In its wise and foolish feelings ,
In its memories,
In its projects and dreams …

If you want to publish anything, we nepalnamcha welcome you with a smile. Just remember for it.

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