They might not work but I have both my hands and feet

Different abilities

Smarika Pandey

They might not work but I have both my hands and feet
I might not be able to walk or use my hands but I am always ready to stand for me
You might judge me as a wheelchairer spending whole life in a wheelchair
But you got to know that I can do anything as you and I am not despair.

You might limit my life and my life activities but I can do beyond those
You think I am disabled but disability is a gift to receive which I was chose
These disabilities I have help me identify myself and my different abilities
You should know that a person who you think is disabled is actually full of different capabilities.

My disabilities makes me realize that I can do anything if I want
They don’t let me judge myself instead makes me proud of myself for not influencing myself saying I can’t
My disabilities are one of the very awesome gifts to me to make me different than everyone else
They are my medals, my prizes for my courage, my hope that I wear with pride for being myself!

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