Trishan Tour: Special picnic on the suspension bridge!

Ashok Silwal

For a small city dweller
The first contact with the countryside
Is often through the images from the books
At home or at school.
With relatives who live in the countryside,
Things are easier….
So it was decided to spend a few days
At the aunt’s home.
I liked the idea of my son
Becoming a little familiar with the countryside;
Still small but already capable of wondering,
Of asking questions, of applying his curiosity.
It makes me happy to let him
Discovering new things..
I love to look at his amazed eyes,
At his happy and satisfied face..


First step walking on the red earth path
Overlooking the river.
Trishan is impressed by these red earth “walls”
That border the path.
And on the other side, the valley with its river
Large, green, fertile…..
Dominated by the long suspension bridge..
A geologic “lesson”!
From there you could see everything:
The wide river bed with the cultivated fields,
The hills, almost mountains,
The roads that cross,
The long fascinating suspension bridge..
There, my little one wants to walk
And then we went down,
Fine a special picnic on the suspension bridge!!
Has it never existed before?

And here:
The aligned green of cultures,
The beautiful gesture of the fisherman
Casting its fishing net,
The desire to run on the bridge,
The joy in the voice discovering everything.
The roads below with trucks and motorbikes,
The mountains around covers in woods,
The suggestive light of the setting sun,
The huge rooster on the river side.

And at home, the wonder continues:
Woke up at dawn from the crowing of the rooster,
Because in the countryside, rhythms are different,
And, in early morning, with the sky still full of haze,
Other natural science “lesson”!
Goats, chickens, banana and papaya trees,
Sugar canes, flowers… inexhaustible surprise!

Sounds, smells, colors, atmospheres .. all different.
Also worshiping is different, more attractive
For the little one blessing with namaste..

And later in the fields,
Hiking between green and yellow
Along the small irrigation ditches..
Like “real” farmers.

Then “Trishan Tour” continues
In the enthusiasm of discovery:
Meeting a lovely little goat herder on the path,
Observing birds,
Climbing rocks….
Always enjoying in new experiences!

Wonderful Tour
For the little one and for the big ones..
Happy to discover and to make discovering,
Happy to wonder and to make wondering,
Happy to know and to make knowing..

See you soon in a new Tour, little one!
We have still many things to discover together!

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