I will tell you all the poems I wrote for you

Abhishu Neupane

If there is after life, we will meet again. This time not with teary eyes but the excitement without any lies. And when we meet, I will hug you tight just the way i would if I knew that would be your last night. I will share everything you missed, all the souls that cried for you and the incident we never believed. All those night I cried myself to sleep and the puffy eyes that never let me heal.

We will unite again in the same way Achilles and patroculous did. Cause as the poetes say, you are half my soul right ? We will float through our dreams and enjoy every seconds we missed. All these sleepless night will get justice when you holding my hand will again come to practice. I will tell you all the poems I wrote for you. You smile and say that you saw me down there. Say that you knew all my stories and hugged me the way I assumed.

When the sky will smile and sun rays will shower, that will be the day when eternity will be ours. Above the clouds I believe, with the warmth of your heart the day when you and i finally become an art.

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