Dahlia Tera

There is the sun: it’s daytime.
The “king” , round, yellow, warm,
Strong, sometimes a little aggressive:
It burns, it dries.
Colors, contrasts, gold.
Sun is reality.

There is the moon: it’s night.
The “queen”, whole disk or crescent moon;
Romantic, something melancholy.
Silver reflexes, black and white.
It shines softly on the water.
Closer to death.
Moon is dream.

And there are the stars
With their glittering tips.
Small, innumerable, mysterious.
They move silently,
Like flowers that grow in silence
In the immense darkness of the Universe.
They disappear during the day,
Humble, they don’t want to disturb.
Yet, they are there
Who speak to us,
When we know how to look at them.
They contain and send messages
Of love, of presence, of protection.
They accompany us,
They light up our paths.
They seem to struggle against the darkness.

The starry sky is a lesson of wisdom:
You get lost to find yourself.

The stars send tenderness and joy;
Are they the eyes of those
Who are already up there?
Do they shine to calm us down?
Their quivering brilliance comes from the energy
Of those who love you down here?
I love their positive sparkling.

Everyone puts their favorite name,
Eyes, heart, light, soul, stories …
On the stars, on a star.
And in the evening, when night falls,
Everyone talks secretly to the stars of the sky.
And a mysterious harmony is born,
A gift of energy, strength, confidence.
And like the flowers of the gardens,
They talk to us without making any noise.
They silently share our joys
And dry our sorrows…
In the darkness of the night.

I love the stars outside in the infinite sky,
And I love my secret little star shining inside.
Please, keep sparkling!

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