FB memories: Everest in his eyes and heart

Ashok Silwal

As usual,
He woke up about the same time,
He made more or less the same gestures:
He turned his head towards the window
To perceive what light the day shone with,
He stretched his body weighed down by the night,
He waited a minute….. thinking,
He picked up his smartphone from the bed shelf,
He looked at the time..
Yes… he could still stay ten minutes more
In the warmth of the blankets
It was really a too enjoyable moment;
He loved it.
When family commitments had not yet called him to order!!
Asking him to leave this comfortable nest!
Then, he turned on his smartphone;
The screen lit up and a FB message appeared
Proposing a video “three years ago”..
He liked anyway scrolling quickly
Through his “wall” in the morning.
A moment of relax, sometimes funny, sometimes useless,
Sometimes interesting, sometimes amazing….

Today, this “automatic” post would have been special !
The evocative music of those images started
And he was so moved
That a tear almost came to his eyes:
The colored main street of Lukla
With the little girls, hand in hand leaving school,
The yaks with their bells,
Bend under their improbable loads,
Formidable and humble friends.
The awesome and imposing landscapes:
Snowy mountains, trees, torrents, clouds,
Rock walls, paths, sky….
The blessing eyes of Buddha
And the little prayer flags fluttering,
The incredible pink and orange sunsets,
The long suspension bridges…

His heart and his eyes relived everything;
He felt completely alien to the reality around him.
He watched the video three , four times;
The goats, the docile small horses,
The bird taking flight.
He heard all the noises, all the sounds.
He was hypnotized by his memories.

Everest Video

And in this morning
Which began too much like the others,
FB gave him this wonderful moment of escape.
Others would have seen these images
And FB was a bit intrusive in this…
But he knew that to him
These images spoke in a unique way
That only his heart could keep.

So silently he thanked FB and began the day
Happy and strengthened by the wonderful memories.
The day was no longer like any other..

Because sometimes memories become present
And little single moments create great memories.

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