The hidden man behind the share market

Prithvi Raj Chauhan

Ordinary man one day can be a hero. Hero can be a God! one day it is all about what he does and how he lives. If there is risk, there is success in share market. The biggest risk is not to take risk turning many pages in the very book an interesting chapter the chapter of the big bull of share market. If you are imagining Harshad Mehta the big bull you are wrong. I am telling the story I wrote by my own the story of the character which will thrill you through the story until the fullest. Starting days are often hard days the block the mind and experience for knowing them better in life. This story started with the same a man comes forward saying share market is a deep well which can fulfill every family thirst.

If one becomes successful to swim in it the man can be the God share market. He again repeats he wants to get in this deep well and create his own prestige Ta middle class family which has an etiquette salary for living and hard to fulfilling personal desires. Many struggles in life one day the man comes to the city named Mumbai the town with big buildings and Constructions Very has to stay in a small heart the small thought in the most important lessons in life the lesson of struggle and hard work every day work with stress him the hut gave him more inspiration to work the man was reading management in his college level you want to do slowly go to share market but he knew properly education was adequate for it. Where others have failed to realize this fact the man who used his mind to the fullest and tried the same thing in a creative way to shock the world with his unique characteristics and his knowledge about share market .When share market with unknown and the new thing for many people He was the man who introduced share market with the whole world the people then got benefited through share market gradually then gradually the number of buyers and sellers of stock increased many truck owners came forward to buy stocks and invest their money in the very market.

The market which was published in 1602 has now turned into a new version of share market. People have slowly eliminated their arrest and we have invested the money in share market share market can also be the point is the market of the Sst fifty where you have 50% of changes to gain and 50% chance of loss share market is a market which can change normal person can be a billionaire or not today share market is the game of mind and of luck the man who reached his death he turned out to be a millionaire from a simple middle class family the mind of has paid him back in only few hairs use able to make his identity slowly he was called The Big Bowl of share market bio people could not see his success anymore so even CBI have a thought that the person who is also known as the big bull of share market is doing something wrong to earn a lot of values so CBI started investigation to find out the dark secret of that man CBI found some vital proves to prove him a fraud slowly people got to know the fraud of that man that was found by the CBI team. Slowly the prestige of that man was completely washed up by CBI.

The man who have faith in his God so he still invested is money and share not even the CBI not even the people and not even the government could stop him from investing is money in the share market twelve against gained all his respect from people and the government this very chapter has introduced us to a character which has a lot of self believe even though the whole country with parking against him he had up power to decide all of plan and prove then which was allocated on him from the chapter we get to know that even the whole world is against you should have a believe in you to defeat the whole world.

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