By the bliss Of the Sailungeshwor, Avalokiteshwar

Jaya Bhandari

The cloud seems as a delusion
of sea floating around horizon
Perfect hanging horizon,
gardening in the heaven
Enchanting of panorama
pull your sneak appear
Up sights Filling together
to traverse the new stairs
With wonderful lights
Escorting to the aboardof angel
around the sailung site

Smooth roar of wind comes to ear
Hear pleasant offer from elite seer
You are right now in the heaven
Hold and sip the nectar cup
Lead steps up on the top
On the Top of the Dwelling of god
Sailung hill Bunch of hundreds locks
Grooms unpurified soul on
Help the cultivation for purified attitude
By the bliss Of the Sailungeshwor, Avalokiteshwar
By the change from darkness into brightness
With the light of love in to the nature’s aboard.

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