I love you, PARIS !


Dahlia Tera

The nicknamed Iron Lady
Poetical power of technique
Silhouetted in Parisian sky.

Wide perspectives opening out
On monuments and churches

The imposing facade of Louvre Museum
Protecting Mona Lisa’s shy smile
Under the glass pyramid.

Glittering and attracting shop windows
Of the Lafayette department stores
Behind the Opera dome.

Clouds running fast and clear
Above the foliage of the banks
Of the river Seine.

The crowd of people of all kinds,
Languages, colors, ways of dressing,
Piled up in the subway.

Paris, where you walk, walk, walk…
To enjoy every corner
In “village” streets and large avenues.

“Forgetting” the poor and violent
Outskirts of immigrants and marginalized
The notorious “banlieues”

Inside restaurants, outside terraces , everywhere
People eating at all hours
Macarons, baguettes, Indian, Italian and more …. cuisine.

A city that everywhere
Wants to amaze you with
The old history and the very new vanguards.

But, open your eyes, traveler,
On homeless people lie down on the sidewalks,
The “clochards”, they call them here.

Nevertheless Paris, la Ville Lumières,
Lights of culture: writers , poets,
Philosophers, musicians, painters….

The “splendors” and the “miseries”
Taking back words of Balzac.

PARIS, je t’aime….. I love you, PARIS !

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