By Ashok Silwal

It is not question now, of writing a political science ‘treatise’ on the end of democracy.

A balanced and appropriate reflection takes time: emotions overwhelm reason at the moment.

That said, no one, and even more a journalist, can remain silent in front of recent images from the Capitol in Washington.

For the whole world, this white dome is -was- the Symbol of Democracy. The building, in neoclassical style, is the seat of the United States Government : Senate, House of Representatives and Supreme Court.

The assault on the building by angry people, instigated (?), not under control (?) , left everyone, American and no, bewildered, astonished, incredulous…. Noooooo!! USA????

6th of January 2021 will be a historical date, although probably the event will be reduced over time.

It is not question here of accusing or mocking anyone.

We just want to ascertain that democracy is probably not perfect and is changing its face anyway.

And it is everywhere, everything, in every field, a question of balance: rights and duties, nature and culture, developed and developing countries, government and people.

Our dreamed democracy is may be not about a system but about behaviors.

But today, we don’t want to go into political, ethical, social discussions…….

NEPALNAMCHA just wants to share its emotions, its disappointments and hopes: it wants to believe that the yesterday’s facts are a ‘stage’ towards the transformation of political powers, towards progress, towards happiness of humanity .


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