Lightness is a beautiful smile from someone you love


Ashok Silwal

Light is slight, soft, thin, delicate
Light is illumination, shine, radiance
Same word for two concepts.
I like this pairing,
Question of etymology, intertwined stories,
Mysterious evolution of the content of the words.

Lightness, as not heavy, is almost always accompanied
By a sort of inner light, a kind of happiness.

It gives you wings, it gives you smiles,
It places an invisible kiss on your lips.
It is the tender sweetness in the falling evening,
It is the sparkling good mood in some early morning,
It is a feather twirling in the air,
It is the veil of the saris on feast days,
It is the innocent gaze of your child,
It is the fragile lace in old hands,
It is a blade of grass in the cool breeze,
It is a graceful caress on the bare skin,
It is a touch of pale blue ….

Lightness is the little Tibetan prayer flags
Fluttering in the air,
It is the music from the Temple
Which is lost in the sky.

Lightness is finesse and delicacy,
It is flexibility and elegance
Of the swaying dancer
It has the barely sketched colors and shapes
Of the dreams.

It is the tenderness of words no longer expected
And sliding into your heart.
Lightness is a beautiful smile from someone you love.

And because it is all this, it is light and light:
It is life that runs, that flies, that hops,
That sparkles, that astonishes, that amazes,
That stings, that smiles, that flows…….

Lightness is not superficiality.

And, when in the evening,
You sometimes feel
The head, the body, the legs, the mind,
Heavy, without peace,
Then, you call this lightness with all your strength,
You know it is the key:
It will give you energy and positivity,
Joy and optimism,
Always depositing a piece of sun in your heart.

Because light and light… light is light..
I like this pairing.

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