Happy you, Happy me, Happy we

Saniya Kandel

Starting the story of that amazing girl; Veena, who once was a vendor and the only source of her income was selling tea, coffee … like that. As usual, I was having the tea sitting on the bench suddenly and quietly a bold, confident voice spoke out from behind.

“Hmm … Excuse me miss! At my single glance, I noticed you and am here to talk to u. So, girl you look too young. If u don’t mind, can I talk to u for about 5 mins?”

Veena… she indeed was just 16 yrs child so, obviously she looked young not doubt.

The very same time she replied with the smile, “Yeah. Why not sure.” The excitement in her eyes that time was of next level.

That confident man in the black coat genuinely asked her, “Do you wanna spend the rest of your life selling these sugared water or do you wanna get a chance to change the world ?”

“Pardon! Umm.. excuse me sir.. but I don’t get what actually your words meant .” A bit confused Veena explained to that man.

“Girl, you are precious the same as the rare diamond which everyone wanna have but can’t get that easily. The way you are engrossed into your work … that shows you are strenuous towards the matter of your interest. This dedication of yours caught my eyes . So girl, if you are interested in anything then I will try my best to help you for sure.”

Veena’s enthusiasm that time was at the peak. Yeah, she was too much dedicated girl she could do anything incase she got an golden opportunity like that . With a soft voice she replied, “life is different for different persons. Your life maybe the dreamlife of others living below your status and the situation goes like the same in the whole world. If you really wanna help me out then, will you help me till my graduation ? Cause later on I can maneuver myself.”

I was also smiling with Veena when that man surprisingly agreed to bear all expenses till her graduation.

So… you see that entirely changed her life and now she is living her own quality life renowned occasionally as one of the perfect surgeon of her area and seeing her being honored kinda gives me relaxation. That one man noticed her, came to her life and wholly changed literally everything in her life.

The morale of her story is deep. Opportunity, it doesn’t come to your door time to time. Just grab it incase someone offers you . The real victory comes from finding opportunities in problems . It’s better to create an opportunity rather than waiting for it but … grab it incase you gotta chance cause nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

This is how live goes on … . Always have faith and believe in yourself . Your experience is gonna give you much more strength, courage and confidence and you will be able to realize your worth . Don’t forget about self-confidence . It’s mandatory and once you wore it , everything else is beyond your control and it’s combination with self -decision your life is gonna be worthy . Once you setup your mind then ,you can steer yourself in any direction you choose nothing can be right without hope and confidence.

Thus, conclusion for it is:

Confidence = courage+self- esteem.

The whole life is yours and your single decision directs your future so… yeah… make the right decision always. Never give up !!! Believe in yourself!!!

Happy you, Happy me, Happy we …

Hope you got what I meant .


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