From a reader to the writer. From a writer to the reader. With great humility and respect, maybe a way to fight them.

Ashok Silwal

Very right, very strong,
Attack: morning to evening, evening to morning.
Everywhere, everywhen, everyhow….
Sad reality….
But we must not accept
That these attacks,
Economic, military, cultural social….
Individually and collectively
Destroy us completely!
We feel very small in front,
So we have to focus on the little things
They are our safeguard:
And .. here from me,
A humble attempt to “respond” to the attacks,
Childish perhaps but I hope a little useful
Remembering that :
“ It is the little things that make life beautiful”.

So, let’s try to mention
Some of these “little things”
Which could somewhat award off
The effects of “big attacks”:

Long walk in nature on a sunny day
Burning a new candle
Freshly cut flowers
Lazy Saturday doing nothing
Smell a clean cotton shirt
Hearing casually a song you love
Answering the smile of your little child
Checking things off your to-do-list
Reading a book you can’t put down
Long, tight hugs
Hearing news from an old friend
Playing with your very young son
A smile from a stranger
An organized closet
The feeling you get after a workout
Finding something you thought you lost
Find a pair of jeans that really fit
Doing something for someone you care
Looking at the stars
Cold water with lemon and honey
Butterflies in general
Yummy smells
The way your curtains dance in the wind
Soft vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles
When someone expresses nice appreciations for you
A great dream
Singing loudly
Smiling and dancing
Forehead kisses …

Everyone has in the secret of his heart
A thousand “little things”, even very tiny
That protect him from ” attacks”
And prevent him from drowning in his own tears…

It is true that provocation advances reflection:
“Attacks” forces us to think …it is very right so.
Welcome to these words that shake us..
But… remember to take some time for
A good slice of pizza
Swaying to the beat of a good song
Or homemade baked goods!

Little things mean a lot

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