Ashok Silwal

From “The Magic Lamp and the Flying Carpet of Aladin”
To “ Alice in Wonderland”,
From “ The Neverland of Peter Pan”
To the more recent Falkor , the flying dragon
Of “Neverending Story”,
Our imagination , our fantasy have taken and take us
In wonderful places,
With the genuineness of the children
And the desire to escape of the adults.

It is not the prerogative of artists
For whom it is still indispensable,
Whether they are painters, sculptors, poets or musicians.
Fantasy and imagination belong too each of us;
Some more, some less…..
However , it allows us to create that “private theater”
Where everything is possible, every desire can be satisfied
Because we are together author, actor and spectator.

If logic and rationality lead us from A to B,
The extravagance of the invention
Bring us up from the reality
Without limits, in endless worlds
Of landscapes, travels, people, animals,
Hugs, sensations…
Surprised, dazed and astonished, wondering :
We fly, we swim, we float and dive,
We slide in giant red and yellow ocean waves,
In multicolored skies with cottony clouds
That let themselves be swept away like candy floss.

Fantasy deforms and transforms,
It zooms in and out,
It alters reality, enlarging and narrowing it.
It invents and creates incredible and astounding
Images, situations, scenarios,
The horses are green with white polka dots,
The skin of the elephants is checked in all colors,
The fishes talk each other,
Beautiful fields of flowers stretch across the sky.
The cows meow and the cats bark,
Hippos fly and chickens have teeth…
Vegetables have legs for dancing
While orange, strawberries and cherries sing.
In your hands, apples are square and tomatoes are blue.
In few minutes , you find yourself naked
On top of Everest,
You meet cowboys and Eskimos,
Stylish fashionable Parisian women
And princely Indians with turbans.
Many are walking on their hands,
In a music sometimes melodious, sometimes deafening.

Fantasy fulls your eyes with extraordinary and bizarre
Shapes, colors, smells and sounds….
For a while, away from everyday reality.

Fantasy is daydream and freedom, illusion and extravagance.
It is the child’s world in which nothing is forbidden:
You can converse with the stars
You can ask the sun to always shine,
You can surround yourself with only smiles,
You can take the moon in your arms…
Fantasy is generous.

It takes you by the hand to travel into infinity.
It is our inner cinema
Whose films project us into the non-existent,
An UNREALITY that saves us, from time to time, from REALITY,
Creating, inventing fantastic worlds
To swim, to ride, to run, to jump, to climb,
To fly, to dive, to sing, to dance and more …

(नमस्कार ! नेपालनाम्चा तपाईंको मिडिया साथी हो । र, मा परिचय, फोटोसहित मनका अनेक कुरा, सबै कुरा पठाउनुहोला ।)

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