Another beautiful piece in the puzzle of life


Dahlia Tera

I called him on the phone
To say: hello!
We exchanged a few words..
Perhaps he didn’t want to talk.
Then I tried asking:
‘Have you any plans for today?’
He just answered:
‘Very lazy!’… without comment.
Our ‘conversation’ stopped there..
I was a little disappointed,
But I didn’t want to bother him.
We hung up the phone
Rather anonymously…

But in the silence of the room
Gazing into the void,
I was thinking about this word:

It was a word almost banned
From my vocabulary..
By education I did not have
The right of laziness.
There was something shameful:
The irrecoverable loss of precious time,
The feeling of a rejected gift,
The idea almost of a disease,
That generates pity, compassion.
Laziness, (they installed in me )
Is like the emblem of weakness,
The inability to react, letting go,
Relying on others.

I tried always not to be lazy
Sometimes suffering
Physically and mentally:
Tired muscles, stressed mind.
I felt that I had to make
A vacuum to regain,
But I couldn’t.

Then, life changes you…
Certain encounters transform you.
They open your eyes and heart,
They capture your soul….

This word LAZY began to make sense
And even to shine….
It was no longer a shame ,
But almost an ‘art’ to cultivate.

I had to learn to understand
And live the laziness.
The word, inside me, was completely
Losing its previous contents.
I no longer ran away from it,
I sought it out like a precious moment:
The richness of the reflection,
The depth of being myself,
The highness of emptiness,
Deleting instead of writing.
The total loss of guilt,
Quiet laziness as inside music,
A kind of harmony with what was around,
In nature and not only.
I was learning to do ‘nothing’,
Just sit and exist
In this ’emptiness’,
Softness, swiftness..
In that state, mood that many describe,
And I did too for long time wrongly,
As apathy, indolence, inactivity.

Now these spaces of time, for me,
Had filled up with
Enriching feelings and ideas
That run inside me inspiring
Even when my laziness is sleeping.

A ‘nothing’ that was immensely ‘something’,
A void that was very full….

Then, I called him on the phone,
To say: hello!
We have talked about LAZINESS..
I thanked him a lot
For the great mutual understanding lesson
Helping on the way of happiness.
Another beautiful piece in the puzzle of life.

(नमस्कार ! नेपालनाम्चा तपाईंको मिडिया साथी हो । र, मा परिचय, फोटोसहित मनका अनेक कुरा, सबै कुरा पठाउनुहोला ।)

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