Ashok Silwal

The concept of limit is often associated
With a complicated mathematical function;
But this is not the place for talking about…..

In these two shocking years of the pandemic
We have been used to other limits like
Restriction, circumscribe, boundary, deadline;
We often felt and feel these limits as a lack of freedom,
We feel tight inside them…..

There are many types of limitations
From inside and from outside of ourselves.
Some limits are personal, we are born with them:
We are more or less strong and physically resistant,
We are more or less intelligent and understanding;
They are gifts we can improve,
But the important thing is to accept our limits.
You can be very happy with personal limitations.

Some limits can be emotional, social, spiritual,
Family, religious, economic limits…
We always feel a little limited
By our education, by the place where we are born,
By our character, by our fears
By our very condition as a human beings……

But these barriers can become open doors.
Living them not as punitive restrictions
Which forbid and prevents hopes,
They must become opportunities
To overcome difficulties, to improve.
Ever new attempts to understand our strengths.

Then, rejecting the limits becomes:
Abolish our mental and cultural barriers
And open up to tolerance,
Clear our taboos and try to understand
And accept our most secret emotions,
Give up our selfishness and our conformisms,
Overcome our fears,
Train our body,
Because within our existential,
Cognitive, emotional, spiritual limits,
There is space for smiles,
For understanding, for learning,
For talking and listening,
For the unlimited dreams and the imagination,
For the fantasy, the creativity,
In the Art of poetry, music, painting
In the Art of life..

Raising our eyes to the infinite sky,
Then we will speak the language of the stars,
We will understand a little better
That we often draw the limits ourselves…

Even the infinite spectacle of nature
Will teach us to ‘erase’ the limits
And fly where the sky is always blue…
Let’s go erasing the limits
With the heart…

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