… and maybe still I expect too much

Geet Lamichhane

There is a reason why you are fed up with me,
I expected too much from you, maybe.

All of the above,
A bit of care and love.

Perhaps my thoughts were jumbled
And wish you’d care about my world.

Might I bother you terribly
All I wanted a privileged place possibly.

Perchance I expected, to listen my dream
And wish you’d handle my low self-esteem.

Imaginably fell in love with you in addition
All I wanted a cute post and attention.

As it may be, I expected you to hold me
All I wanted you to fulfill my cupidity.

At least you’d ask, how are you?
All I wanted is to be with you.

Maybe it was too much for you
Maybe it was not enough for you.

I am still not myself
Probably never be.

I expected too much,
And maybe still I expect too much
May be …

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