A message of HOPE

In this our world so wonderful but so fragile, so exciting but so terrifying .. when after two years of the devastating pandemic, a senseless war breaks out …we need a message of hope and trust.

Welcome to feelings and words that incite to CONTINUE to speak of peace, to draw smiles, to illuminate even in the darkness….

The following text is a sort of exhortation not to give up.

It has been written by Abbé PIERRE, pseudonym of Henri Antoine Grouès, (1912- 2007 ), a French Catholic presbyter, partisan, politician and founder of the Compagnons d’ Emmaüs , an organization for the poor and refugees.

I like sharing this kind of poem with my readers who will know how to appreciate it and find a reason for positivity, optimism and hope.


I will continue to believe, even if everyone loses hope,
I will continue to love, even if others distill hatred,
I will continue to build, even if others destroy,
I will continue to speak of peace, even in the midst of a war,
I will continue to spread light, even in the midst of darkness,
I will continue to sow, even if others trample the harvest,
I will continue to shout, even if the others are silent,
And I will draw smiles on faces in tears,
And I will bring relief when we see the pain,
And I will offer reasons for joy where there is only sadness,
I will encourage to walk the one who has decided to stop…
And I will stretch out my arms to those who feel exhausted.
For in the midst of desolation there will always be
A child who looks up to us, full of hope,
Expecting something from Us,
And even though we are in the midst of turmoil,
The sun will always rise from somewhere
And in the middle of the desert will grow a plant.
There will always be a bird that will sing for us,
A child who will smile at us and a butterfly
Which will give us its beauty.
But …..if one day you see that I’m not walking or smiling
Then just come closer to me and give me a kiss,
Hold me in your arms give me a smile…..”

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